Buy Chia plots

Want to farm on the Chia network but don't feel like getting specific hardware just for plotting? Tell us how many plots you want and we will get you a download link within 24 hours.

A Better Way to Create Plots

Your device simply has to store a "Plot" of data and be online to generate passive income.

Order with Discord


5.00 / plots
Crypto Paypal Skrill
  • Plotting finished in about 10 hours
  • K-size 32 (108.9GB)
  • Download retention 1 week
  • Download with
  • Free support
  • Localization World

Order with Mail

Are you interested in our service ?! Do not wait any longer and contact us directly on discord or by email. We will help you to make your order go as smooth as possible!

To order, it's easy ! You choose your payment method. You pay, you give us your Farmer & Pool keys and we start your order directly

Once order is completed your Chia plots will be generated for you on our dedicated plotting hardware. This will take a couple of hours the current average plot speed is 10 hours but this will differ between plotting machines.

After the plotting is completed we will transfer your plots on server and send you a link. With this link you have 7 days to download your plots and start farming.